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Meet Fernando Edwards

Director,  Executive Producer  at  Irienando Productions

With over a decade of experience as a SAG AFTRA member, Fernando Edwards knows the ins and outs of the entertainment industry and utilizes the best of his management degree to lead his charge at Irienando Productions. His strong passion for visual storytelling and practical techniques set him apart as a confident, honest, and disciplined director. His approach to life and filmmaking are both rooted in integrity and an unwavering commitment to excellence. There's no stopping him as he continues to tell unique, captivating stories with every project he takes on.

Fernando Edwards
Fernando Edwards

Reality is oftentimes stranger than fiction, and that's certainly the case for Fernando Edwards, who is striving to bridge the gap between two worlds: Jamaica, his native home, and Los Angeles, his found home. Edwards is determined to make waves in the film scenes of both places, actively seeking to collaborate with like-minded creatives to expand his interesting brand of storytelling.


Witness his latest project, for his new psychological thriller Rooted Betrayal on Amazon Prime. The story follows a businessman's life is threatened when his ex-girlfriend turns the people closest to him against him, leaving him with no one to trust. This intelligent 30-minute piece proves that when it comes to Edwards’ creative vision, nothing is untouchable. With Edwards tackling the roles of writer, director, and producer, this unique venture is sure to shake things up. Watch now on Prime Movies you won’t want to miss out!

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